and i will forever hate roses (joeytheteapot) wrote in sinatra_fans,
and i will forever hate roses

Another amazing used CD shop find!

Welp, I went to the used CD shop again on Wednesday, and what do I see in the same sale bin I got A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra from?

Same price too - $2.99. This one was a promo copy, as evidenced by the notch cut into the side, but it was still wrapped. (I bought seven other CDs that day too - two of them also brand new in the wrapping with notches cut in the side. Those two ALSO were released by Capitol Records. Coincidence? I think not! XD)

I'm listening to it now. I'm on track 6, which is Gold, composed by Nelson Riddle.

Was there anything this man COULDN'T do?
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